search engines

Next time you want to use other search engines intead of google you can use these: It’s simple and easy to use.

Webcrawler– It’s easy and has a mixture of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Meatacrawler– It searches Google, Bing and Yahoo and has the best results.

Parent Teacher Interview

Earlier this year we had a parent teacher interview. I didn’t actually go to the interview but i think i did a pretty good job with all my work and stuff . All of my comments and results from my teachers were all good so i was pretty happy with my report. But i have to not get as easily distracted, share my ideas more and speak up more in discussions.

My 3rd Term Choices!

My choices for 3rd term are:

1. Passion Blog which i’m doing with Lucy and Astra and the title is “30 second horrors”.

2.Glogster because i like making posters on the computer and i think it’s going to be fun.

3.Dance Animation because i like doing pivots and its going to be fun.


i have lots of friends but my best friends are: Lucy, Brooke, Sophie, Beth, Shakira, Samantha, Kaylee, Claire, Rebecca, Michelle, Tayla, Emma, Ryan, Luke, Jye, Jake, Eli, Brodie, Taite and Shayne. They are awesome as. At recess and lunch some of us play footy with the boys and us girls just rock!!!!

My dog Ziggy!

My dog is named Ziggy he is a Chiuaua and is very small he will chew on about anything and is very fast and of course very cute!!!!!!! I got him in 2008 and he is about a apricot colour and also when he finishes having a bath he goes all crazy and runs all around the house it’s really funny to watch.

Camp at woodfield!!!!

IMG_1384On Wednesday the 5th of May all the 6/7’s went on a camp to Wood field lodge.  We all had a really great time  but it was cold. We all had activities to do including waterfall walk, orienteering, billy carts,trampoline,archery and lots more. Our teachers cooked our tea and it was alright. All the girls stayed in cabins and the boys stayed in the wagons, i stayed in a cabin with all my friends who i wanted i was really happy about that. We also went to the campfire at night and cooked marsh mellowsand damper. Plus my cabin stayed up like every night and ate lots of lollies. My friends and i always went to play football with the boys, and the girls just ruled at it!!!!!!

All about me

Hi, I’m going to tell you a bit about me

Family:I  have a brother Josh and two parents and i have a little puppy called Ziggy he is sooooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Friends: I have lots of  friends but my best friends are Lucy.Cov, Brooke.G, Sophie.W, Beth.V, Shakira.B, Samantha.S, Kaylee.S, Rebecca.B, Claire.E they are really awesome.

Sports: My favourite sport is Tennis but i love nearly all sports. I used to play tennis but now i don’t any more.

I love all animals but my favourite animal is TIGERS they are soooooooo cute.

I reckon i am pretty lucky cause i live near all of my cousins and have really awesome friends.

My favourite footy team is collingwood and it has been for a very long time, cause they are just awesome as and better than any other team. My second favourite team is the Hawks they are pretty awesome too but collingwood is way better.

At school my friends and i always chat to each other at recess and lunch. At lunches on Thursday my friends and i go in the music room cause we are doing a band it’s awesome,  And i’m singing in the band  but i’m a really bad singer!

I am turning 13 this year and i’m am so happy cause i’m having a party too but i don’t no what to have for my party.